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The brilliant playwright behind Shakespeare in Love and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead turns the classic “whodunit” genre on its head, as this play within a play combines murder mystery with funny parody and satirical meta-theatricality to create an hour of uninterrupted laughter!

In this reimagined version of Sir Tom Stoppard’s classic, pompous drama critics Birdboot and Moon attend the production of a new theatrical thriller. The classic ingredients are there: an isolated country mansion, a dark and stormy night, guests with hidden agendas, a faithful housekeeper, and a mysterious stranger. What will they do with a stubborn corpse that refuses to be found, an overabundance of romantic tension, dangerous games of mahjong, and the immediate threat of murder?

The Shadow Players return after two years of sold-out productions of Moliere’s The Learned Ladies of Mid-Levels and Gogol’s The Government Inspector. Prepare to laugh your head off with “This company [who] is making a name for itself as a local company whose work is not to be missed!” –

About The Play:

First performed in 1968, The Real Inspector Hound is a comic parody of Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap (which received its first public performance in Hong Kong as recently as 2012). But The Real Inspector Hound is no simple comedy: by blurring the distinctions between fiction and reality, it will leave audiences surprised, enlightened and wondering if they are themselves part of the play.

Co-Directors Julian Lamb and Rosalind Wong said, “The Real Inspector Hound is an outrageous twist on the classic murder mystery in which the perpetrators and victims are members of the audience! In this fresh interpretation, we have re-contextualised the play within 1970s Hong Kong, and we hope the inclusion of sultry tai tais, Chinglish, and aggressive mahjong games will have audiences laugh knowingly. We hope, above all, that whoever comes to see the play will be absorbed and delighted by its witty plot twists, and ultimately be left wondering, ‘Whodunnit?’”


Joseph Lin as Birdboot
Jeannette Lee as Moon
Magnus Korsæth as S. Gascoyne (name TBC)
Joanne Leung as Ah Lin
Minna Cheung as Constance
Tang Ho Fung as Lydia
Dorcas Wan as Inspector Hound
Yolanda So as Marcus Ma

The Real Inspector Hound will be performed nightly at Ngau Chi Wan Civic Centre between 28 April and 3 May 2015 at 20:00, with matinees at 15:00 on 2 and 3 May (Saturday and Sunday).

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The Real Inspector Hound Press Release – The Shadow Players