presented by Prof Julian Lamb and the Shadow Players


Reading a play is not like reading a novel, or a poem. A play is written for performance, and must be imagined in performance for its full power to be apparent. Prof Julian Lamb (CUHK) and The Shadow Players offer a fresh way of teaching the classics of Western theatre which provides secondary school students with a glimpse of a play in production. In these 1 hour “dramatic lectures,” Prof Lamb will speak about a given play from a dramaturgical point of view, drawing to light the various interpretative questions faced by a director: which character has power in a scene? with which character ought an audience to sympathise? how do tension and conflict emerge between characters? And most importantly of all: how do we most effectively represent these things on stage? Whilst he does this, actors from The Shadow Players will perform extracts from the play so as to show the different options available to a director, and to allow the audience to understand which are the best options, and why they are the best.

Prof Lamb and The Shadow Players understand that different schools study different plays. They are open to requests for dramatic lectures on plays by any canonical Western playwright, including (but not limited to) Moliere, Gogol, Ibsen, Chekhov, Brecht, Wilde, Beckett, and Pinter. However, they have a particular interest in Shakespeare, and believe that, above all other playwrights, Shakespeare will come to life when presented in the way they are proposing.

Julian Lamb received his PhD from the University of Cambridge on a Commonwealth Scholarship. He is currently Assistant Professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong where he teaches English literature and drama. He has a diploma in Speech and Drama from Trinity College London, and has taught drama to children and young adults privately, as well as in secondary and tertiary institutions for nearly 20 years. He is a member of the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust.