Performed at the Fringe Club 24-27 April 2013 [4 out of 5 stars] “…this was a fantastic first show by The Shadow Players… this is a troupe of actors that have come together and given us a rare insight to what dedication and hard work can do when coupled with real talent. They’ve set the bar high for their next performance, but I for one have no doubt that they will only get better.”

The Oloo Blog: “…the Shadow Players are off to a dazzling start… the young actors are cast perfectly… It is a marvelous play, entertaining from start to finish, the actors are genuinely talented and the new theatre company is headed towards a bright, illustrious future.”

Nominated for 5 HKELD Awards (Best Director, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Designer and Best Newcomer) and winner of Best Supporting Actress (Rosalind Wong).

LL Tableau

Molière’s outrageous farce about pedantry and power is brought to life in a context that all Hong Kongers will recognise: the Mid-levels. Unable to distinguish intellectual snobbery from true learning, the ladies of a Mid-levels household are under the spell of C.Y. Tang, a pompous and affected intellectual fraud. Against her husband’s wishes, the mother of the house desires her youngest daughter, Henriette, to marry C.Y. Tang. But Henriette’s heart is set on Sebastian, a man of practical learning. Will the mother ever see C.Y. Tang for who he truly is? Will Henriette be allowed to marry her Sebastian? Will these learned ladies of the Mid-levels ever learn what true learning is?

With a live quartet playing music adapted from Saint-Saëns’ Carnival of the Animals, The Learned Ladies of Mid-levels is an outrageous comedy with a serious message for contemporary Hong Kong.

Director: Julian Lamb
Producer: David Parker

Cast (in order of appearance):
Joyce Chan … Henriette
Rosalind Wong … Justine
Christopher Tsui … Sebastian
Francis Chan … Bernice
Agnes Hio … Cedric
Yolanda So … Charles/Y.Y. Leung
Ines Kwai-Pun … Ah Lin/Servant/Y.Y.’s Valet
Minna Cheung … Pamela
Joseph Lin … C.Y. Tang
David Parker … The Notary

Musical Adaptation: Steven Bailey
Musicians: Eugenia Lee, Shelley Ng, Gladys Wong, Wong Tsz To
Stage Manager:
Vance Lau
Costume Designer: Minna Cheung
Set Designers: Minna Cheung, Joseph Lin
Light Designer: Oscar Fung
Makeup and Hairstyling: V Makeup
Costume Assistants: Karissa Joyce Yip, Cindy Choi, Edna Chiu, Karen Cheung, Noel Wong



改編自法國戲劇大師莫里哀 (Molière) 作品的瘋狂英語喜劇《半山才女》隆重登場,並由一群來自香港的大學生演員重新演繹!半山區一家自以為是的富貴「才女」仰慕著高傲又虛偽的「才子」 C.Y. Tang,強勢的母親更勒令無辜幼女 Henriette 下嫁 C.Y.!無奈 Henriette 只對腳踏實地的 Sebastian 傾心,究竟真愛可否戰勝一切?母親大人能否看清 C.Y. 的真面目?這群「才女」能否領會「才華」的真正意義?

《半山才女》劇情瘋癲爆笑之餘,更值得現代香港人深思。演出更請來樂團現場演奏法國殿堂級作曲家卡米爾.聖桑 (Saint-Saëns) 的《動物狂歡節》作配樂,各位才子才女萬勿錯過!

The Shadow Players Poster (FINAL 3)