Performed at the HK Fringe Club in June 2014

When the Governor of a little Russian town mistakes Ivan Khlestakov, a destitute civil servant, for an important inspector from St. Petersburg, Khlestakov milks the Governor and his officials for all they’re worth. How far will the incompetent, backstabbing officials go to hide their mistakes, and what can Ivan get away with? Worse still, what on earth will they all do when the real inspector arrives?

Gogol’s skilful mix of satire, mistaken identity and old-fashioned physical comedy has charmed audiences and critics alike for nearly two centuries, making The Government Inspector a firm favourite with theatre-goers.

Featuring the cast and director from last year’s sold-out production of Molière’s The Learned Ladies of Mid-Levels, The Government Inspector is set to raise the roof at the Fringe Club again this summer.

Running Time: approx. 90 mins

Director: Julian Lamb
Producer: Joseph Lin

Cast (in order of appearance):
Joseph Lin … Governor

Quincy Tam … Judge
Dorcas Wan … Charity Commissioner
Ines Kwai-Pun … Schools Superintendent
Christopher Young … Doctor Gibner
Joanne Leung … Postmaster
Christopher Tsui … Bobchinsky
Yolanda So … Dobchinsky
Minna Cheung … Anna
Tang Ho Fung … Marya
Rosalind Wong … Osip
Francis Chan … Khlestakov
Serruria Leung … Waitress/Sergeant’s Widow/Painter
Christabel Chan … Mishka/Merchant 1
Kammy Kwan … Merchant 2/Korobkin’s Wife
William Chan … Merchant 3/Korobkin
Gemini Li … Locksmith’s Wife/Charity Commissioner’s Wife
Adrian Mak … Gendarme

Stagehands: Adrian Mak, Richard Tse, Jonathan Wong, Christopher Young

當俄羅斯小鎮的市長誤以為貧窮的公務員Ivan Khlestakov是來自聖彼得堡的欽差大臣,Ivan Khlestakov便把握機會搾取市長和其他官員的財富。到底這群無能又不忠的官員會花多少心思去隱藏自己的錯失,而Ivan最後又能否逃之夭夭﹖當真正的欽差大臣到達時,市長和官員們又能怎麼辦﹖